The team

The Team at HIM

Wendy Wendyhas owned HIM since 2003.

Wendy is a very bubbly person who likes anything that sparkles (like her teeth). She can be a bit of a control freak but can fight with that demon everyday as long as she has pink champagne.

She loves walking, swimming, all drink, the sun and holidays, men, rugby and animals. Her dislikes include the wind, grumpy men, being a control freak and messy coat hangers!

NickyNicky has been a barber for over twenty years. She worked at No1 Barber for over 10 years before moving to Edinburgh in 2012

Nicky is our little Portsmouth Possum who's been a member of our Team since March 2012.

Nicky includes socialising, wine, rugby, gym and sunshine amongst her likes, whilst she dislikes rain, shopping, technology and the alarm clock.

In March this year it is her 6th year anniversary.
ShirleyShirley is super enthusiastic about all things relating to Health, Wellbeing and helping people feel great. Right from her early careers, her focus has always being about helping people get the most out of life, feeling great about themselves and the power of positivity.

Shirley loves cooking, eating, drinking and then jogging to work it off. She doesn't like mess, fast food and offal.