Tips and advice on maens haircuts

Hair Care Advice

Modern living all takes its toll on your hair and complexion

Our advice to you is based around four simple things to avoid and do

  • Stress
    Not only is stress bad for your health, but dermatologists have discovered it can disrupt the condition of your scalp and hair

  • Greed - too much Product
    Too much product trying to achieve your look can leave your hair looking lank and unkempt. Using American Crew you only need a finger tip of product

  • Feel Comfortable
    Never be too proud to seek help if you suffer from dandruff or a sensitive scalp. Left untreated it can be extremely uncomfortable. There's lots of treatments out there to help you, and HIM will only be too pleased to advise.

  • Fine Hair
    If you feel your hair is fine and unmanageable, American Crew's 'Fiber & Texture' cream can make your style not only look textured and ruffled but make it look as though there's more!



  • New range of thinning hair products

  • A complete range of thinning-hair systems and specialised products, each with innovative
    skincare-for-hair technologies to address key hair and scalp needs.


  • Thinning hair is caused by

    1 - Fewer hair strands

    2 - Finer hair strands

    3 - Unhealthy scalp environment for hair to grow from

  • The 3-Part system is the answer to thinning

  • NIOXIN Delivers

    Reduction of hair loss due to breakage

    Delivery of fuller looking hair

    Amplification of hair texture

    Strengthening resilience of hair against damage

    Removal of follicle-clogging sebum from scalp


American Crew Products

American Crew have a fabulous range of 'Men's products'. They range from firm to light hold gels - we have waxes and clay to give you the wet, matt or dry look, as well as texture cream, gel and grooming sprays. They are very easy to use and dissolve as soon as water comes into contact. There are shampoos for every scalp type, with a daily conditioner also available that leaves your head feeling thoroughly refreshed and tingly.

American Crew products

American Crew also have a range of shave and sports collections, both of which are herbal based and are great for all skin types. American Crew products are a great way to start the day, and of course they are available from HIM.


Muk Styling Products

Muk Products 1 Muk Products 2


American Crew


We sell American Crew and Muk styling products

Crew products:
  • gift & value packs
  • classic
  • curl & boost
  • tea tree
  • thickening
  • sport
  • shave
  • d:fi

Product type:
  • styling
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • shaving
  • shower & body